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Teenagers today are growing up in a world that is dominated by images and gadgets.


In our day-to-day urban lives, how often are we conducting ourselves under the gaze of some kind of camera or surveillance device? CCTV, webcams, cell phones, digital cameras, satellites, and possibly many other kinds of devices that we may not be even aware of, surround us.


Digital technology has changed reality, blurring the lines between science and art. Images are driving this change, and driving us to the extent that we possibly do not comprehend,


Is the standard school curriculum – even with all traditional essentials in place – making enough room for students to understand the world they live in?


No matter what path their careers eventually take, Ctrl Alt Cinema’s specially designed school course will, we believe, equip students to see with precision; and make sense of the new reality that surrounds them.


Seeing clearly today makes navigating tomorrow just a little less difficult – and a little more rewarding.




We have a purpose, not a syllabus.



Our aim is to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of cinema as an art form. This study of cinema is interdisciplinary: it is complementary to the study of other arts subjects (notably theatre, literature, photography, fine art), languages, psychology, politics, history, international studies, ethnic and intercultural studies, philosophy, marketing, sociology, and computer science.


Our program fosters specific transferable skills of:


- Research


- Writing


- Visual literacy


- Creativity


- Collaboration


- Problem-solving


- Critical thinking



The study of films helps students in a variety of vocations such as publishing, media, editing, teaching, information technology, cultural affairs, public policy, as well as business. In all these different kinds of employment: students successfully apply the skills of analysis, attention to detail, creativity, and ingenuity that is fostered, on their own terms.


The study of Cinema could help students in a variety of vocations such as artistic practice, media, publishing, critical thinking, cultural affairs, public policy, information technology, as well as business. In all these different kinds of professions, students successfully apply the skills of analysis, attention to detail, creativity, and ingenuity that are fostered on their own terms. This is the primary objective for designing this program/course.



A National Award-winning filmmaker will curate the course.


3rd June             

Understanding Cinema; Ways of Seeing

4th June       

Learning to Articulate with Technique


5th June                

Story, Script, Visualization


6th June                          

Scripting and Pre-Production Work for a Short Film


7th June          

Shooting a Short Film

8th - 9th June                        


10th June                    

Post=Production, Editing

11th June

Screening and Discussion



Participants are requested to please carry their personal laptops, cameras, tripods, and phones to class during the course.



The curriculum will include theoretical lecture sessions, and selected screenings followed by analytical discussions and interactions with professionals from the world of cinema. The participants will also work on focused practical exercises and produce Short Films at the end of the curriculum. After 7 days of creative engagement with cinema, it will end with a modest ceremony chaired by the Principal, where the participants will be awarded Certificates by an eminent artist.




Students from grades 8 to 12 are eligible for the course.


3rd June 2024 - 11th June 2024


10 am to 5 pm including lunch break and tea breaks.

(Saturdays and Sundays will be holidays)


Lunch break will be from 1 pm to 2 pm. Tea/ Coffee and biscuits will be made available during the tea breaks.


 * Selected candidates will be intimated via email and will be required to pay the course fee of on receiving our offer letter.


Meghna Kothari – Ctrl Alt Cinema | +91 9689611240 |


In Your School - 2019 Batch
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