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Frequently asked questions

What is ‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’?

We have coined the name ‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’ for our intensive short course as a tribute to the digital era of cinema. We welcome both the challenges and the opportunities the digital age brings. We will adopt a new, more inclusive, approach to both filmmaking and film appreciation. Ctrl Alt Cinema intends to break away from cliched forms of entertainment and create new, stimulating content.

It’s a course that will equip you with the tools to plunge deeper into cinema.


Is ‘Ctrl Alt Cinema’ a Film Appreciation course?

No. It goes well beyond that. Film appreciation is an old world concept. We will take the standard film appreciation course a few steps further. This is why the course includes a substantial practical component: students will be taught the basics of film craft.


Why should I do this course?

Ctrl Alt Cinema will be useful to you if you:

A) Would like to make personal short films.

B) Would like to know if you want to further pursue studies in cinema.

C) Would like to work as an assistant director in the film/television industry and learn on the job.

D) Need a refresher course in order to reinforce or enhance your current work.

Will this course teach me how to make films?

This course will make you aware of the basics of film making in terms of Direction, Camera, Editing and Sound. We will teach you the basic elements of cinematic expression. But please bear in mind that this is a beginner’s course and you will learn aspects of film craft at a basic level. To learn more about cinema you will need to do further studies, and practice. Do be realistic about your expectations: professional filmmaking can neither be taught, nor learned, in the space of 18 days.

Will I be able to make short films after doing this course?

Yes. We are confident that with the exposure and training you will receive, amateur short films are a logical next step.


Will I learn how to use a camera?

Yes. You will learn to handle the camera through classroom lectures, group exercises and demonstrations.


Will I be taught editing?

Yes. At a basic level, through lecture and demonstrations from a senior editor. However, doing individual exercises will not be possible within a 18 day course.

Will I learn to write a script?

Yes, you will learn to write a scene or a script for a short film along with dialogues.

Will I get to see a lot of films during this course?

Yes, a wide variety of films will be shown through the duration of this course. We have designed this as an intensive course starting from 10 am to 8 pm everyday over the duration of the course. The idea is to expose the students to the best films that are being made across the world today along with contemporary Indian cinema. Besides, we also intend to develop an overview of the history of cinema through our screenings.


Will the screenings be followed with analysis and discussions?

Yes. The faculty will introduce all the screenings. Selected films will be followed by a detailed analysis and discussion. A few contemporary Indian feature and documentary films will be screened followed by an interaction with the makers of these films.

Who is going to teach this course?

This course will bring you in touch with some of the best teachers of cinema in India today. Moreover it will give you an opportunity to interact with some of the most brilliant professionals from our film industry. Do go through the list of visiting professionals on the Ctrl Alt Cinema page.


What do I take away from this course?

Apart from the opportunity to interact with the best in the business and a valuable certificate of participation, there is another takeaway: a 5-minute film that you will produce. This exercise is part of the course.

If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.

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