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Ctrl Alt Cinema is an intensive course that will serve as an introduction to the art and craft of cinema to both those who are considering a career in films and those who are passionate cinema lovers. It will enable students to engage critically, aesthetically, and consciously with this contemporary art form.

After 18 days the course will come to a close with a modest ceremony chaired by Padma Awardee, Indian Classical Music Exponent and Theater Personality Prof. Rita Ganguly, in which students will be awarded Certificates of Participation by legendary filmmaker Kumar Shahani.

Course Outline

Theory: The course will include theoretical lecture sessions, screening with analytical discussions, and interaction with professionals from the world of cinema.

Practice: Participants of the class will produce a short film by the end of the course.

Sandeep Chatterjee, the Professor of Direction and Screenwriting at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, will curate the course. He is a National Award Winning Filmmaker and has 20 years of experience in teaching cinema.

The course will also incorporate interactive sessions with prominent artists and professionals who will share insights about their work process.

We have a purpose not a syllabus


The primary objective of this course is to understand the process through which a filmmaker creates. It is an opportunity for the beginners to engage with various aspects of cinema and develop a historical perspective about this form of art.

Cinema has transgressed the boundaries of nationalities and cultural identities by connecting the stories on human condition across the world. Cinema is an instrument of cultural exchange. Through relevant glimpses of what happens around the world of contemporary cinema, this course will provide cinephiles the basis to look beneath the surface and start asking critical questions.

Digital technology has been able to make the domain of filmmaking more inclusive and accessible to a wider demography. A lot of people have been empowered by their creative engagement with this enormously powerful medium. Hence the objective of this course is also to materialize this fantastic possibility that this technology has offered us.

The Learning Curve

- Script to screen; the production process

- Silent Cinema and the advent of sound

- Continuity and narrative cinema

- Cinema in India

- Basic elements of cinematic expression

- Understanding the work of a Director and Screen-writer

- Principles of Light, Camera, Digital Post Production:

   the work of a Cinematographer

- Principles of Editing; Understanding the work of an Editor


- Principles of Recording & Designing sound for a film


- Expressionism and Realism in Cinema

- Mis-en-scene and Montage

- Modern Cinema and its significance

- Documentary Cinema

- Cinema, Fine Arts and the New Media

- Practical experience of doing a creative exercise as a class


The Learning Space

A classroom with projection facility, basic digital camera, tripod and computers. Students who own laptops, cameras, and basic filming equipment should bring them along.


Are You Interested?


This course is for anybody above the age of 16 (no upper age limit) who is a film buff or who loves cinema and intends to develop a deeper connection with this art form. From a professional point of view, this could be a useful refresher course for teachers, journalists or students who intend to engage with further higher studies on cinema.


Number of Seats: 30




Ctrl Alt Cinema is being conducted at Rita Ganguly's Studio,

A - 81, Kaladham, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida - 201308


Kaladham is a workplace created for National Award Winning Artists (Writers, Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Dancers, Filmmakers) of India, which is a Government of Uttar Pradesh initiative. It has a sprawling campus with an inspiring atmosphere, steeped in creativity and passion.


Important Dates




Film screening: Everyday 6 pm onwards (followed by discussions)



What it will cost





Air-conditioned twin sharing room, unlimited hi-speed internet, access to a gym and lounge and 24-hour security. The Property is managed by an on-site manager and warden. Please visit to view the gallery.

The workdays will be long throughout the course, so it is highly recommended that students stay within walking distance of the venue. However, those residing in NCR who wish to commute or those who wish to make their own arrangement for stay may get in touch separately.





Course Coordinator: Meghna Kothari

Phone :+91 9689611240

E mail:

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